Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Cuttings - how to stop?

I wanted to strike some cuttings of a very pretty variagated sedum so, secateurs and bucket in hand, I took 8 cuttings. Then the urge got too strong and before long I had half a bucket of 3 varieties of penstemon, purple 'Winter Joy' wallflower, pink gaura, apricot perennial wallflower (said to be even better than 'Winter Joy'), blue hydrangea, plectranthus, chef's hat Correa, and white, pink and red pelargoniums. And that was just for starters.

Well, I planted all the cuttings in pots but then found the propagating tray was already full to overflowing, as were numerous polystyrene boxes. So a box full of plants in pots went across the road to my neighbour, and after emptying the warming tray of all the plants that really should be planted out (the roots hanging several inches out of the bottom of the pot gave me a clue!), I finally had enough room for the new ones.

But that was only today's cuttings. What about tomorrow's and the day after .......


Calidore said...

I know the feeling well. Potted up heaps yesterday - try around 20 pots full - now have more to do tomorrow. Imagine a laundry sink full of promise. Enjoy, there is nothing more exciting than a plant thriving, than one you have grown yourself.

shelle said...

Well I have quite a few spaces for any plants you are wanting to part with!!! Hubby is finishing the edges to another garden that will need filling!!!

Lucky you know the address!!

Alice said...

Hi Shelle
Lucky YOU know the address, so come and get them, and bring those grandchildren with you.