Thursday, February 10, 2005

The End Result

Not much gardening today either, just fulfilling the result of earlier gardening, ie. cooking and bottling peaches and nectarines. The peach tree is only young and very small but it was loaded with fruit to the extent that we had to prop up the branches with old palings. However, the birds decided that the peaches were quite a tasty treat and began to have more than their share. R. picked them all this morning and even though most of them were not properly ripe, they cooked up nicely. The nectarine tree was also loaded but, as seems to happen every year, the rain comes and the fruit quickly rots on the tree. R. will pick the rest in the morning. Unusable fruit will get 'cooked' in the compost heap.

R. also dug up all the potatoes. On TV today Dr Phil was emphasising how if you want to lose weight then you must remove temptation. But how can one eat minted new potatoes without butter - and I mean butter, not margarine.

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