Wednesday, February 09, 2005


No, not mine. My youngest daughter turns 22 today. Can it really be that long since she was born; on the other hand, can it be only such a short time? Whichever way I look at it, it's been a good time. So have a very happy birthday, Sara.

I was in hospital with Sara at the time of the Ash Wednesday fires. I remember sitting on the bed crying when I heard about 9 firemen losing their lives at Officer. Although it takes many years for the natural bush to fully recover, I think Mother Nature is amazing how she does make it recover.

Thankfully, apart from the Eyre Peninsula in SA we have been relatively free of major bushfires this year (or have I forgotten some?). Of course, we would have even less if there not so many sick-minded arsonists in the community. One rarely hears of any severe penalties being handed down against those few who are charged.

I've wandered a long way from the happy thought of Sara's birthday ..... So, if you happen to call in today, dear, I even have a present for you - wrapped and with a card. How's that for being organised!

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