Saturday, February 05, 2005

Violets and Forget-me-nots. Grrrrrrr....

Much as I love violets in flower, and the blue of forget-me-nots, why do they feel they have the right to invade every nook and cranny in the garden. My neighbour told me many years ago that I would regret asking her for some violets, and I have, many times. I do have some with purple leaves and beautiful pale blue flowers. They are not invasive. Oh, why can't they all be like that?

As for the forget-me-nots. Well, I won't forget them for a while; at least not until I've removed all of the seeds from my gardening gloves, my jeans and my shirt.

Ah well, tomorrow they can all go through the mulcher with a heap of other stuff and then get cooked in the compost heap.


Chloe said...

Oooh, I forgot about my one with the purple leaves and pale blue flowers when I was making my list. That is a lovely violet, and I must spread it around a bit more.

ms*robyn said...

Alice, I just had to come and visit this post - nearly identical to what I wrote today :)

as to the violets - oh yes.... I have those too. gorgeous perfume but what an invasive little plant.