Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sunday morning by the Lake

We had a lovely breakfast BBQ at Black Mountain Peninsula this morning with the family. Although it was 9.30 there was only a handful of people about, the air was cool and fresh. The playground facilities were clean and varied and the children enjoyed them whilst we cooked. After packing up we walked around the lake admiring the trees and shrubs, observing the rowers and a couple of dozen small yachts, and then watching the children enjoying feeding the ducks, seagulls, waterhen and 1 black swan. Along the way R. collected seeds and leaves off an unknown tree, which gave him a good excuse this afternoon to relax and leaf through numerous books until he discovered that it was an Alder, although which one we are not sure.

Look out, here comes another forest!

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Frankie said...

...barbecueing at Black Mountain... you lucky sod! It brings memories of kookuberras waiting nearby and laughing their heads off!