Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Day of Not Much

Funny how some mornings you wake up with plans to achieve so much and at the end of the day you wonder what happened. I left home about 9.00am and took some mail around to my daughter S's house and sat and talked for a while. I said that since I was going to register her car (it's in our name but she drives it) she could bring it around home and wash it for the first time in many months and put the new Reg. sticker on. The queue at Motor Registry was so short that I didn't even have time to get comfortable in the chair - miracles still happen. I also wanted to go to the garden centre sale but got tired of trying to find a park close to the centre (I wanted to buy mulch and didn't want to have to carry it halfway home, or back to the car, whichever was closer) so decided to go tomorrow to another branch of the same nursery where parking is free and right up to the door. Met S. at the Mall so we could change her mobile phone from my name to hers, and found that we only needed to make a phone call to do it. Went home and helped S. wash and polish her car. I asked if she checked the tyres regularly. She said "Do I know how to check tyres?" So it was down to the Service Station for a lesson in checking and pumping up tyres.

S. was so pleased with her clean car, especially the windscreen and windows, her pumped up tyres and her phone in her name (and bills in her name, too), and promised to wash the car more regularly (ha. ha.) I did a bit of housework (a very little bit), then I seemed to lose about an hour. I can't remember what I did with it; I don't think I went to sleep, but I can't remember now. I went to water the plants on the deck but the water kept cutting out. Pulled the spray on the hose apart and found a tiny lizard (one of the thousands that are here) jammed inside. Didn't feel like poking at it so I blasted it out with a pressure nozzle. Finally got the plants watered and even managed to do some potting when R. went to hockey training. It was the first time the workbench (formerly someone's beloved ironing board) had been free in days so I made the most of it. Time to cook dinner, eat dinner, wash dinner dishes, and now I've just finished sewing a set of Barbie doll clothes. Of course, I failed to mention the time spent on the computer - checking blogs and emails, and the odd joke.

Oh well, perhaps I can be more organised and productive tomorrow, or the day after . . . . .

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