Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Never too early to start

Spent most of yesterday looking after my grandchildren while their mother had her one-day-a-week at Uni. R. gave S. for her 4th birthday some punnets, seed raising mix and packets of seeds and I helped her plant them last week when I was over there. Yesterday she was very keen to show me her seeds that had already sprouted but said that the magpies had eaten some of the beans. Last night she left our place carefully clutching some more seeds and a little more soil to replace lost plants. S. is so proud of her plants although she told me that she won't eat the radishes because they are too spicy, but Daddy might.

I hope that the interest S. and her siblings have in plants and gardening will continue; I'm sure it will as their parents continually involve them in so many and varied activities around home and elsewhere.

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