Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Mere comments have become a Blog.

Both Chloe and Calidore had so much 'food for thought' in their blogs today that it really got my brain rattling and I felt the need to respond with a blog.

Chloe talked of becoming more diligent in keeping a gardening journal. I think it's a great idea, and one that was impressed upon me a few weeks ago after looking through a photo album devoted entirely to the garden over the years. We have lived in this house for 30 years and, naturally, the garden still isn't finished. I know that we will never have a 'finished garden'. But just looking at the photos of the gardens over the years I was amazed at how they had changed. Not just in shape and development, but in the plants that have come and gone, many of which I had forgotten all about. I kept saying to myself "Good heavens, did we really have that growing back then" or "Haven't they grown (or not) " as the case may be. Even my plant preferences have changed so much, from annuals and a few shrubs years ago to trees, shrubs, bulbs, and especially perennials, with just a few annuals for added colour now. So back to the task of keeping a journal. It would be very interesting, as well as extremely helpful, to have a record of plants bought, received from friends, propagated or even self-sown. To see when and where they were planted, and their 'life story'. At the time of purchase and planting we always think that we'll remember the name of the plant etc., but it doesn't take long to forget and even labels fade or disappear. I'm not sure what would be the best method of keeping a journal. For those so inclined it should be possible to do so on the computer, but that's not really something that you can show or pass on to other people. Perhaps a large sketch book/scrap book may work, at least in the first instance. A more elaborate journal could be produced, as time permits, undoubtedly with a beautiful patchwork cover!!

With reference to Calidore's need to revamp her pergola garden, I had a moment of clarity regarding my front garden on Monday morning. My husband and I went for a walk around the hill behind our house, on the pretext of getting exercise but really to collect tree seeds and look at gardens. As I crossed the road and turned into our driveway and looked at the gardens overall, it suddenly occured to me that I needed to make some big changes in the garden bed with runs along the front footpath for the full width of the block. The whole block slopes down from the road and the front yard is on 3 levels. The garden near the footpath is on a higher level than the lawn (what's left of it) and the garden along the driveway is lower still. The top garden has had a variety of plants over the years, mostly groundcovers and low growing perennials and groundcovers, rarely taller than 70cm. I realised that a number of shrubs from 1-2 metres high would not only add a new dimension to that garden but to the whole front yard, and also provide a barrier to the traffic noise.

When I told my husband what I had in mind he just laughed, because that's exactly what he's been telling me for years. Once again, just wait long enough and "she'll come round"!!!

This morning we went shopping and bought6 plants, but I'll have to tell you about them tomorrow as I've been watching 'All Saints' and now I'm too tired. So, Good night, all.

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