Sunday, March 27, 2005

What, more empty pots?

That has been my husband's lament these past two days as a result of all the planting out I've been doing. He pretends that he doesn't like washing empty pots, and maybe he doesn't, but seems unable to realise that if he doesn't wash them then I will, sometime.

Dozens of geraniums, succulents, chinese lantern, chrysanthemum, a Canadian maple, and a Smoke bush "Grace" were planted out today. Goodness knows if they are where I really want them to be, but at least they're in the ground now. As for the geraniums, I'll no doubt succumb to the temptation to take cuttings so if I don't like them where they are then I can replant them elsewhere or just compost them.

Started destroying the front garden (again) by pulling out lots of alyssum, gazanias, centranthus and African daisies, partly so I can get at the couch grass but also because I'm tired of them, and some of the them look pretty tired too. However, where the dripper hose has been lying for some weeks, although only used sporadically, everything is thriving so they can stay. Another reason for pulling them out now is that I already have a couple of barrowloads to put through the mulcher so I might as well collect everything and do a proper job whilst I'm at it. Plus, I've been using so much compost lately that I'm afraid I'll run out and I need to build up the supply again.

I see the jonquils are shooting. It seems like only a few weeks since I cut down last year's leaves. I'm happy to see the flowers, even if I do find the fragrance a bit overpowering, but the leaves seem to take forever to die down. Maybe I'll just shift them to some remote corner.

R. has spent the last two days repotting 140 Canadian Maples and 60 Jacarandas. I think we need to buy a farm !!!

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