Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Tranquil waters

Calidore's intended water feature sounds delightful; they make such a difference to a garden. I would dearly love to have one and, even though I'm a bit hesitant because of the grandchildren, I think my desire for a water feature, even a small one, will win out. Plus there are so many wonderful plants to grow in that setting.

One of the boundaries of our farm when I was growing up was the Lang Lang River. I loved watching the water in all its facets, whether it was just a trickle in summer or a raging torrent after winter rain. I love being at the coast, especially when it's wild and stormy, and always grateful that I don't have to be out on it.

We visited some gardens east of Perth last year that had a little bridge over a dry 'creek'. The 'creek' was planted with a variety of grasses, including the tall Miscanthus, amid smooth white stones and growing down the middle like water was a blue flowering creeper. It looked so lovely and would be easy to do even in dry areas.

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