Saturday, March 19, 2005

So much room

For ages I've been trying to find room to plant out heaps of plants that are currently longing to be released from the confines of their pots, but there seemed to be insufficient space. Today I had a proper look at the gardens and realised that large areas are covered in things like alyssum, gazanias, aquilegia and African daisies. Whilst I'm usually happy for plants to multiply of their own accord, I really must insist that I am the boss, not them. I've tried telling the couch grass that too, but it takes no notice.

I've now cleared what seems like acres of alyssum from one garden, and looking forward to composting, mulching and planting something more rewarding. It's funny how we put up with plants that we don't really want or like just because they are growing well. Sometimes they take over without us realising it.

By the time I've finished cutting back or pulling out everything I don't want, and feeding the mulcher, the compost heap will be overflowing.

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sharonb said...

I am glad you have the same problem with couch as I do - email me privately since we are both in canberra perhaps we should swap phone numbers and get together