Sunday, March 13, 2005

Waiting on the weather

Another day of not much, gardening that is. Just some watering this morning and a bit more this evening. Every day I wake up with plans to plant out some of the plants in pots that would do much better in the garden than trying to extract nourishment from the wooden floorboards on the deck. But each day seems a bit too hot and I tell myself I'll do it tomorrow, it may be cooler by then. Looks like I have to wait until Wednesday this week, and maybe Thursday will be too cold (just kidding).

A good part of the weekend was spent watching four hockey matches. The ACT women's team, Strikers, won both of their games against NSW, but the ACT men, Lakers, lost both of theirs. It was quite hot both days and we didn't envy the players at all.

Still quite dry and longing for more rain. I heard on Landline today that 42mm of rain had fallen in Chloe's area during last week. Hope it's doing your garden the world of good, Chloe.

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