Saturday, March 26, 2005

Phew !!!

Perhaps I haven't worked that hard but I did achieve a few things today. The weather was so good that I would give it a score of 15 out of 10. In fact, I felt guilty every time I walked into the house because I was wasting the sunshine.

I have a garden near the loungeroom windows that I've rarely been happy with. So today I pulled out lots of self-sown African daisies. Lovely specimens they were, too, but it doesn't matter how good they are if you already have too many and don't want any more. Out they went and more compost (beautiful stuff) was worked into the soil. Pelargoniums, hebes, penstemons, variegated ajuga, shasta daisies and a yellow buddleia have finally been released from captivity in pots on the deck and hopefully they are already enjoying their new home.

One of the most rewarding plants in the garden this summer was a Limonium (Sea Lavender/Perennial Statice). It flowered non-stop for at least 6 months and rarely got a decent drink of water as it was on a sloping part of the garden where the water tended to run away. It was a mass of purple and white flowers on 30cm stems above a cluster of dark green leathery leaves. I dug it up today and broke it into 9 pieces and replanted them in 3 different areas.

Also planted out 8 blue agapanthus that have been sitting in a dish of water for months. I don't usually treat my agapanthus as badly as that, even if the ones in the garden don't flower, which they didn't this year. Today's plantings are behind a row of silver-leaved arctotis along the neighbours' driveway so I hope the two different plant types will make a lovely contrast.

My daughter took home about 10 pots of plants yesterday. She said that this was the best sort of nursery to come to as there is no checkout to pass through on the way out. I hope you had fun planting them, dear. Whilst M. was selecting plants, her wonderful husband was fixing the Links on my sidebar and adding a counter. Thank you, thank you.

More good weather forecast for tomorrow so you know where I'll be.

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Linda A said...

I've just read through a few days in this time and am feeling one of those 'heart smiles'. I can feel your enthusiasm for the 'fresh start' in both a garden journal and the loungeroom window garden'. I recognize that initial enthusiasm and envy you the 30 years of foundation in your gardens. I am so enjoying your journal - thanks