Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sweet Peas for St Patrick's Day

I did it - actually planted the Sweet Peas on St Patrick's Day, said to be the optimum day for planting them in Canberra. I don't have much luck with Sweet Peas but, hopefully, I've prepared the soil and planted the seeds in the correct manner, nearly 200 of them, so at least some should strike. Many Sweet Peas are now bred without perfume due to the preference for non-perfumed flowers in hospitals. It seems such a pity to breed out that lovely fragrance, but thankfully we still have the visual beauty.

I re-read the blog I wrote earlier today and realised that my fingers and brain were definitely not connected as each seemed to be writing their own story, hence all the errors.

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sharonb said...

I too was in the garden - Annie Whitsed (Annies crazy world blog) came around and we tackled an area invaded by couch - it was a lovely day for yesterday - unfortunately today I have to run around for work - love reading another Canberra blog and one focused on gardening.