Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Such energy!

I feel positively exhausted by all of the work that Calidore has been doing. What with making sauce, mothering tadpoles, propagating roses, finding treasures in the Op. Shop, and producing dainty patchwork, I think you need a rest. But if you haven't got time, I'll have one for you.

Seriously, you've certainly been busy with a wide range of interests, so many of them creative. I'll bet that you are never bored? I always think that anyone who has an interest in creating something, whether it is gardening, cooking, sewing, writing, painting or anything that requires their ideas and skill to produce, will never really be bored and will always find life interesting. It bothers me that so many people seem to lack a creative interest.

After pulling out barrowloads of unwanted plants at the weekend and then spreading an equal number of loads of compost and working it into the ground, it was wonderful to receive half an inch of rain. Now to decide where will I put what? My usual dilemma.

Since the weekend I bought 6sq metres of tiles for the bathroom at the other house. Thought I had a real bargain as they were only half the price I expected to pay. Big mistake! They were also 2mm too small, which was important as they had to match the remaining tiles. Luckily we were able to buy the correct ones in time for the tiler to start work this morning, and also lucky that the other store refunded the money on the smaller tiles.

My son and his girlfriend left this morning for a few days travel in Victoria, through Gippsland and along the Great Ocean Road. I had to restrain myself from saying "You should try and visit this place, and that place, etc, etc." Being an ex-Victorian I still want people to see all the lovely places down there (and all the places I still miss). I'm sure they'll have a great trip.

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